Gorai Bridge  
Name of the Project : Construction of 630 metre long Gorai Bridge at Kamarkhali, Faridpur including 4.5 KM of Appraoch Road.

Description of Works Executed : Boring and driving of 72 numbers Bored Piles (1 metre dia and 31 metre length), casting and driving of 342 numbers pre-cast piles (size 350x350 mm and length between 14 to 17 metre), high quality concrete work of 8000 cum, reinforcement work 2,200 tonne, 4.5 KM road work involving earthworks for sub grade about 4,00,000 cubic metre which was executed by vibro soil compactor, graders and other equipments, sub base and base were compacted by vibro compactors, about 45,000 sqm of bituminous pavement work etc.

  Contract Value: 10.00 million USD
Project Completion : 12.01.1988 to 01.07.1991
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