Ready-Mix Concrete


What is Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC)?

RMC is a high quality concrete made of carefully proportioned mixture of cement, aggregates, water and admixtures, manufactured under strictly controlled conditions in a centralized automatic batching plant and supplied to the customers in transit mixers for placement in the structure.

Why is RMC preferred?

  RMC is economical
  • It is made of local raw materials
  • It has lower maintenance costs due to high longevity
RMC has necessary resistance
  • It has comprehensive strength
  • It is naturally fire resistant
  • It has thermal insulation
RMC has high workability and convenience
  • It can be pumped over high vertical distances
  • It allows complex and curved shapes more effectively than other materials
  • It is highly adaptable to the specific needs of different worksites
RMC is convenient and safe
  • It keeps worksite nuisances to minimum levels
  • It is delivered and pumped at the manufacturer's effort
  • It maintains excellent condition of sterility and hygiene


  • ABC BPL has its Plant 1 in Ashulia and Plant 2 in Rajendrapur to cover the Dhaka, Savar, Tongi, Gazipur & parts of Mymensingh.
  • Both the plants are fully equipped with computerized concrete batching systems.
  • All the raw materials are precisely weighed and mixed by PLC ensuring consistent quality and accurate ratio of materials at a minimized cost.
  • Customized grade and mix design as required by the client can be delivered.
  • Both the plants have 3 silos each.
  • A convoy of 28 Transit Mixer Trucks can deliver the RMC at the required form to the site.
  • 5 Concrete Pumps can transport the RMC vertically, making the casting easy at high-rise constructions.
  • Our batching plants are capable of delivering a minimum 150~300 M3 (varies on location) concrete per day.

Quality Control

  • ABC BPL has up-to-date digitally equipped labs to test the concrete and aggregates etc. in precise conformity with British Standard.
  • Mix designs are prepared by our trained technician in the laboratory and are inspected by our plan specialist before finalization.
  • Quality Control Lab is used to test raw materials and monitor/test quality & strength of concrete.
  • All delivery trucks are checked and certified by the Plant Manager before leaving for the delivery site.
  • All equipments are attuned on a regular basis to standardized criteria to maintain the required efficiency and accuracy.
  • All test records are filed in the lab for evaluation, review and references.
  • Data can be transferred from the control system to the computer for analyzing.


Production Capacity of Plant   50 M per hour @ both
Production Capacity per Month   Ashulia Plant: 2 Lac cft
Gazipur Plant: 1.5 Lac cft
Delivery Capacity i) Inside Dhaka City 150 M / 8 hours
  ii) Uttara, Tongi, Gazipur and nearby areas 250 M / 8 hours
  iii) Ashulia, Baipail,Fantasy Kingdom and
nearby areas
275 - 300 M / 8 hours
Grades Standard With compressive
strength of 3000, 3500,
4000, 4500 and 5000 psi
  Special Case Compressive strength
above 5000 psi can also
be manufactured
according to special
Price Final unit price will be offered after discussion
regarding required quantity, grade, pumping needs
and point of delivery.