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Building Products Limited ( ABC BPL )

ABC Building Products Limited ( ABC BPL ) is the newest venture of Associated Builders Corporation ( ABC ) Limited - a Leading Construction Company of Bangladesh that has successfully constructed many industrial structures, fertilizer factories, power stations, multi-storied buildings, roads, bridges etc. costing millions of US Dollars.

The vision of ABC BPL is to strive and improve the overall process in producing quality concrete and to maintain consistent quality by upgrading usage of concrete in the construction industry of the country to international standard from its present status.

The first step in this process is to produce and supply Ready Mixed Concrete, a well-timed and vital building material essentially needed in the current construction scenario of the Country.

In consideration of the recent tremors and quakes in the South Asian zone and the fast growing construction in a space-cramped city like Dhaka, it is very essential to use RMC in the Buildings, especially high-rises and heavy structures to ensure the best of quality in terms of strength & durability & to prevent redundant wastage of material, time, effort & space.